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Preserved Food

Aam ka achar is one of the most demandable and attractive products in the local market. HelloChinsurah the local online marketing organization in Kolkata. Our mother company is CHINPACK. Our office location is Hooghly, Chinsurah. In addition to the website, we run a Facebook page and group with the same name. We have about 15 members who are involved in various activities but continue to work in our local marketing group.


What is our main job?​

Currently, we have seen many small and medium businesses whose manufactured products are not known to many in the local market. In addition, their products are not available in the local market, but there is a demand in the state and outside the state, but the customers there do not get the opportunity to buy.


Aam ka achar is a product that is easily available to us but not so easily found in any other state or anywhere else in our state. So aam ka achar online is quite a rare search in Google and other search engine. 


Why aam ka achar is easily available to us?​

The main reason is the supply of green mangoes. Hooghly and Nadia districts of West Bengal are quite famous all over India for mangoes. That is why the supply of green mangoes is very good here. But only green mangoes are available here at very low prices during the mango season. We have a number of organizations here who only buy raw mangoes from the mango orchards during the mango season, collect them, and supply them all year round to make mango pickles.

The conduct we supply online is made by a highly experienced organization. Whose taste and smell are incomparable. 


I would also request you to buy and test it at least once and you will understand why we are marketing this AAM KA ACHAR. If you want to come to our office and buy, you can only buy after quality testing. We do not force anyone to sell anything online. Our product quality is our identity.


Contact over the phone or WhatsApp: +91-9831815857 / 9804716671

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