Chinpack is an online marketing organization. Our local marketing site HelloChinsurah. We started our business in 2000 by doing export Indian women ethnic wear like Sarees, Salwar Kameez, and Lehenga Choli. This is a proprietorship company, the owner name Ankur Banerjee. We started the first export business by the name Indian sarees Online. 

What CHINPACK do in online marketing?

We've done a lot of online promotions over the last few years. We have had some experiences from there. We are now using those experiences to work in several startup companies in India.


How Google Local Listings Will Help Our Business?

Adding your business to Google will show your company name and product in Google Local Search. This is a very common reply from any online marketer. Google Local Listing has some unrelated services that are unknown to many. The product that you add to Google will show the product with your name when a customer searches for that product locally. Many people call this Google Local Listing a local service, but if you upload the product with the right keywords, it will show outside the local. Your product will be displayed outside of Local where no one else has added your product to Google Local.  


What do we do as an SEO consultant?

We suggest a website platform according to customers or client need or product. Then our team researches the effective keywords related to product and target market aria. When we work as a consultant for a company, we provide one year of support with a one-time payment. If the client has a website then optimize the site with effective keywords and unique content and photos. We activate LOCAL SEARCHES and SOCIAL MEDIA also. We suggest the INSTAGRAM #Tag. If the client has an online marketing team, we suggest an effective blog post title with a high traffic keyword.


How do we do Facebook marketing?

We first create a page of the company, then use optimized content and product or service related keywords on that page. Then we send our customers a few effective #tag for Facebook and Instagram. We also taught the customer how to post on Facebook and Instagram. Apart from that, we taught how to share the post for more inquiry.



We will add your Business or Company to a local search engine. " I will buy it after seeing the quality in hand " - this is the mentality of the current buyer. Nowadays many buyers want anything necessary if the right charge is available in the local market. We bring that opportunity to those local business organizations who are associated with us. If you want, you can also find out about us and the way we work from our customers.