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Digital marketing company in Kolkata

Digital marketing company in Kolkata

HelloChinsurah - the digital marketing company in Kolkata. Our mother company name Chinpack, we are India Govt register company. We have the latest technologies in digital marketing. We are especially in SEO. We are also known as an SEO company in Kolkata

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a huge borough issue. Where many small things have come together in digital marketing.

It is impossible for a webpage to cover all aspects of digital marketing. We have seven years of experience in online marketing. That is why we have seen different methods of digital marketing and its new additions. We call "digital marketing" -  internet marketing. Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and Website Promotion are included in Digital Marketing.

Why Digital Marketing?

The first reason is that the cost of this marketing is much lower. You don't need manpower to do digital marketing later. The company's digital marketing can be done through the internet and a smartphone. Digital marketing methods depend on the size of the company's business and its market area. Digital marketing is a way to reach more people in a very short time.

What do we do?

We are the digital marketing company in Kolkata, we offer the best quality digital marketing at an affordable cost. Since digital marketing is a borough subject, we cannot hire all kinds of companies. For the companies that come to us for digital marketing, we first know about their product quality and target market. Once we know that, if we see that the client's goal can be implemented, then we discuss the alternative issues of digital marketing.

These are the services we provide - 

  1. Search Engine Marketing Services

  2. Social Media Marketing

  3. SEO Consultant Kolkata

  4. Blog Marketing

  5. Youtube video Markting

  6. Website Development

  7. e-Commerce site development & Marketing

  8. Shopify site development & optimization

  9. Marketplace product optimization 

  10. e-Commerce photo shut and editing

Need to know before doing digital marketing


  • Digital marketing is not subject to cost. Many people are reluctant to do this marketing for the heavy cost.

  • Not all businesses need to do digital marketing. Digital marketing and its methods also depend on the business.

  • We have divided digital marketing into three parts. First is BASIC then ADVANCE and finally PRO.
    Basic is for those who are the first to bring their business online. It is for those who want to do business
    online but do not have the knowledge they need to do business online.


  • We are a digital marketing company in Kolkata but we are specialized in SEO services. We have seen clients come to us many times with their pre-made websites. In this case, our biggest problem is that the client requests us to fix the old site and digital marketing. We take this action only when it is possible to fix the site.

  • If you make a website, you have to do SEO, but it is not always true that traffic will come. There are many ways to get traffic. In this case, the website has to be very fast and user-friendly.

Hopefully, I was able to explain at least a little bit about what digital marketing is. If you want to do digital marketing or internet marketing for your company, try talking to us. We will definitely bring your company online and within your target price.


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We will list your business in your local market. We will bring your product or service to Google in your own area. We will make your business website. The cost of building our website is very low, which is all you can afford.

Do you want to create new eCommerce sites? Then contact us. We will guide you on how to bring your business online. As we have seen from our experience over the last seven years, most eCommerce businesses shut down after a while. Their primary reason is that no traffic comes to our site. We have divided the online business into three parts. Basic, Advanced, and Pro. We will guide you according to the shape of your business and the type of product. It will save you money and you will know what kind of site you will be building in the future.

We are the SEO company located in Kolkata, our mother company name Chinpack. Chinpack an Indian Govt register company. Presently we are selling many products online, one of our main products is Vermicompost or Organic manure. We also sell our products on Amazon and Flipkart also. We sell products and market other people's products. We see that there are many manufacturers or resellers who want to market their products online. But for many reasons it can't. The main reason we have seen from experience is that they do not have the basic experience or education required to do online business. In this case, our service is completely free. We do not charge them for marketing.

We also provide free content marketing service for the best quality SEO backlink. Bloggers or those who work on SEO can give their content to our blog. Our first goal is to give clients a thorough discussion of SEO or Digital Marketing so that they can easily understand our work ethic in the future.

SEO is a complex issue for all online businesses. This is why most online businesses want to seo but can't afford it. SEO services is not useful for all online businesses. SEO is a part of online marketing. This does not mean that you have to do SEO to do business online.

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