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Fabric Grow Bag

Jio Fabric type material that allows water and air to travel through. It is made of Polypropylene. Which is 100% recyclable. Earlier this material was used to make gardens. Trees were planted there with soil on it. Currently, bags of various sizes are made from this material, which has been widely used in rooftop gardens.

When we plant plants in earthen tubs we have to put small stones under the tub so that water does not accumulate. Jio Jab Fabric Grow Bag does not have any such problem. When you water the plants in this bag, the excess water easily comes out through the bag. In this, the moisture content of the soil is correct. Which is very useful for any type of plant.

We find this geo fabric tub unmatched in the outdoor garden. During the monsoon season, we see several good trees perish due to water logging at the base. But this is not the case with the Jio Fabric Bag. This bag wicks away excess water. Which lasts for at least four to five years very well. This geo fabric tub is recycled materials. So this material is not environment friendly.

The most boro advantage of Geo Fabric Grow Bag. This bag never heats up in the heat of the sun when it comes to outdoor gardening. Plant roots grow very quickly to maintain proper soil moisture. Which is the best news for garden lovers.

So Geo Fabric Grow Bag is the perfect alternative for any type of clay tub and plastic tub. Among the advantages that we will get by using this Geo Fabric Grow Bag is the best advantage. This tub is lighter than any other tub. So it is perfect for roof garden. In addition, this tub does not heat up in the outdoor garden. There is no excess water in the tub to accommodate the many holes. And plant roots grow faster to have oxygen.

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