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Jewelry is a very favorite item of girls forever. Which easily captivates the minds of girls. Jewelry has been in vogue since ancient times. There is evidence of this in various cave paintings. Man has made jewelry from the metals that people have learned to use in the past. Such as bronze, silver, gold, etc. Not only did he make jewelry with metal, Masum also made jewelry with materials like clay, wood, etc. Which is common today.

However, the prevalence of jewelry in India is a little higher. Indian women are very fond of jewelry. They wear different types of jewelry on different occasions. For example, in a wedding ceremony, they prefer to wear gold, silver, etc. metal jewelry. But nowadays, many types of jewelry are worn by girls. For example, they use imitation jewelry a lot, which looks absolutely like gold. Jewelry of this imitation is easily available, the price of which is much less than gold. As a result, people can easily buy it. Besides, the design of these imitations is very beautiful, and very bright, which is very noticeable.
There is also oxidized jewelry, currently, girls are using this jewelry very much. This jewelry is made by the girl sitting at home and earning from it.

And there is polka dot jewelry, which is very delicate and full of moti work. There are also different stone ornaments, they are also golden black and silver black.

Not only this but with the help of different colored threads, it is also known as silk thread jewelry. In addition, burnt earthen ornaments are made, which are very beautiful with a sari.


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