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Does vermicompost contain earthworm eggs?

Chinpack is the Vermicompost manufacturer in Kolkata. We the HelloChinsurah are the marketing partner of Chinpack products. If you want to start a vermicompost manufacturing unit you have to create a Vermi BED. There you will put the 30 days old cow dung and the Green compost material.

The normal vermi bed size comes 6feet long and 4 feet brath. The required vermi minimum of ten thousand in one bed.

On the primary stage of the Vermicompost unit, all the producers have to understand how to make the composting for the Vermi. We have to maintain the Vermi, and we are responsible to feed them excellent quality food for making the best quality output which is Vermicompost. Vermiculture and vermicomposting is the two major part of making Vermicompost.

Vermiculture is the second part and Vermicomposting is the first part of Vermicompost. we have to learn which food is essential for the Vermi, and we have to learn how to make a good quality compost for the Vermi. That is called Vermicomposting. The main part of this Vermicomposting is Cow dung. First, the dung should be left in the open to remove odor and gas from the dung. Because Vermi does not like to say in the place where is too much odor and gas. In this way, we have to keep the dung in open space for 20 to 30 days. Depends on o quantity. The old manure should be left for a few more days with the stem of a banana tree or a Kachuri leaf and then it should be brought back to its normal level. This is called the compost for Vermi.

When we maintain the Vermi in a place by giving them food, then the Vermi lineage grows and continues to grow in number. This is called the Vermiculture. If we do not do the procedure of making Vermi food, then we never maintain the Vermi also. Vermicompost is a fertilizer, which is 100% organic. So the Vermiculture and vermicomposting both are related to each other.

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