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Google sites examples & Site optimization

I am from Kolkata, West Bengal India. My mother company name Chinpack, HelloChinsurah is our Digital marketing organization. I have more than seven years of experience in Digital Marketing. I am specialized in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Presently HelloChinsurah is one of the best Digital marketing companies in Kolkata.

Here I will discuss the site of one of my familiar clients. The site has been created on the Google site. So far I have asked many clients to create this site. But they did not agree. The first reason is that the design of the site is not attractive. The name of the Google site I am going to give an example of CLIFFORDSINCLAIR

Four months ago, when I first got this site, this site did not rank anywhere in Google. I will tell you what I have done since then.

  1. Change the URL from the Properties section.

2. The keyword on the page that you want to bring to Google will be the link to the page.

3. My target keyword - " Student houses Reading "

4. Create unique content for the page and do interlink with every page.

On 16th June 2021 after 3 months the site position on the 2nd page in Google UK.

This is for all to optimize a Google site and this is the Google site's example.

In the next post, I will give you ideas why you choose Google site & And I will discuss what kind of site is better to build on Google site.

You can also publish your technical article on our blog. Contact us for more detail.

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