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How to use Vermicompost?

How to use Vermicompost?

Vermicompost is an organic fertilizer. It is not possible to know the benefits of using vermicompost if you do not know how to use this fertilizer. We have noticed that most of these fertilizers are used for home gardens at present. Most of them are used for flowering plants.

Half vermicompost and half soil should be used for flowering plants. One thing to remember if a small plant is planted in a large tub. In that case, the amount of vermicompost mixed with soil should be used in the tub as much as the roots of the plant will be. Otherwise, the fertilizer may be wasted.

In the case of flowering plants, after one application of vermicompost, no fertilizer should be applied for forty-eight days. It takes forty-five to forty-eight days for a full-sized flower plant to consume a full meal of potting soil. After forty-eight days again some soil from the upper part of the tub should be removed and vermicompost should be added. After applying the fertilizer, water the plant in such an amount that the water does not overflow or seep out of the bottom of the tub.

If the method of applying vermicompost is not correct, the benefits to the plants will not be realized. It is a hundred per cent organic fertilizer. Changes in plants can be observed within a very short period of application of chemical fertilizers. After using vermicompost, one has to wait for some time.

Changes in plants can be observed with the use of chemical fertilizers. In the same way, life in trees decreases. If chemical fertilizers are applied to winter flowering plants, the plant may flower once or twice. If vermicompost is used, there is a possibility of flowering three to four times. But vermicompost should be used in the right way.

For the kitchen garden, one-fourth of Vermicompost should be used, Otherwise, the plant will become too healthy and fruit will be delayed.

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