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Why is organic traffic better than paid traffic?

Organic traffic is always better than paid traffic. As an SEO consultant in Kolkata, I always believe that which site gets organic traffic to have more sales or customer engagement than paid traffic website.

What is organic traffic?

When a site rank (within 10th position) is a search engine like google on a keyword, then the site gets the traffic, that is organic traffic. There are so many reasons for organic traffic is better than paid traffic. Here is a few of them: Organic traffic is relatively cheaper than paid traffic. Organic traffic Trust & Credibility Organic traffic impacts the buying cycle. Organic search is most often the primary source of organic traffic.

But it is the truth that if you are not winning the 1st page of Google you will not get organic traffic.

SEO is the only option for getting organic traffic from search engines like google and bing.

If you pay for advertising on Google, then you will gain the paid traffic. Then you don't have to wait for rank. You can place your advertisement anywhere in the world. You can show your advertisements on the search engine at your office time only.

Therefore organic traffic is better than paid traffic, obviously, it depends on your need and business volume.

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