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Will Seo Ever Rule the World?

Will Seo Ever Rule the World?

Before knowing the answer to this question, we need to discuss what SEO or search engine optimization is. SEO is a part of digital marketing. What website developers say. Your website should be made in such a way that it can be found on search engines. This method is called search engine optimization. SEO is a boro part of digital marketing. After creating a website if it is not SEO friendly then it can be said that the website is not useful. However, there are many websites online today that are not SEO friendly at all, but there is a lot of work to be done. So in relative terms, SEO or search engine optimization can never rule the world.

I am an SEO specialist with digital marketing experience of the last ten years. So far, almost all the sites that my team and I have built are currently on the first page of Google. such as (PVC Pipe Manufacturer Kolkata), (Designer blouse manufacturer Kolkata),

We usually mean Google as a search engine. When we need to know something or see something or buy something, we go to google and search. Now Google's job is to bring the things we know in front of us. We certainly hope that the matter is correct. Otherwise, why would we come to Google? Because there is a word - I don't know let's not google it.

Search engines have the information that we provide through the website through writing, videos or images. So one where our requested information search engine will show the person who wants the same information. If we gave any wrong information then search engine was once blamed. Which is not possible now.

Search engine optimization can never be the only way of digital marketing. Every method of digital marketing is related to each other. The service you want to provide or if you want to sell a product online, then you have to do marketing on social media or search engines like google with money. It will increase your visibility and your site visitors will trust your product or service.

After a few days of marketing, when a visitor searches online with your service name or product name, your site must appear on the first page of the search engine. This method is called SEO or search engine optimization. Only then will marketing with your money be successful.

So it is not true that you will be successful in selling online just by making a good site and doing SEO. A good digital marketing consultant is a must to become a successful online seller. That will increase your visibility online. Remember that you can sell your services or products by talking to your customers. But in digital marketing, you have to sell your services or products by writing, using pictures, and making videos. Their SEO will only work in a limited part and the rest is a part of digital marketing such as social media marketing, content marketing, video marketing, SMS or WhatsApp marketing, and digital media marketing such as TV.

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