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How to use Vermicompost?

Vermicompost is organic manure. This is 100% organic fertilizer. Instead of Chemical fertilizer vermicompost is the only alternative. The people who love gardening and the farmers are using this product for good quality flowers and good-looking gardens.

As it is an organic fertilizer we can only use vermicompost instead of soil. The actual use of vermicompost is 50% of soil and 50% vermicompost. This also depends on the flowering plants also. 

Chinpack- the Vermicompost manufacturer in Kolkata. We are manufacturing these items for the last 7 years. We have an experienced team. 

For the last 10 years back this product was very rare in the market. Most farmers and garden lovers like to use Chemical fertilizer for instant results. Bust they do not have the idea of the Vermicompost. The few Agricultural universities start providing training, on Vermicompost how it use, and its advantage of the Vermicompost.

For the instant result in crops, the farmers use chemical fertilizer. This is happening in the last few years. Due to the use of chemicals the natural fertility of the soil has been lost. So that now the Government makes it mandatory for using the Vermicompost along with Chemical fertilizer. 

Few agriculture professors are engaged with us. We discussed it with them and makes the conversation video. As HelloChinsurah is the marketing partner of Chinpack Vermicompost, so we added all the videos on our HelloChinsurah Facebook page

Nowadays we supply the vermicompost in our local areas among the people who love gardening and the Flower Nursery. We receive so many calls from the customer that - Vermicompost how to use?

We recommend all of our customers add or like our page and comment on our post. We will forward all the posts to our efficient team, they will help you and guide you through the use of Vermicompost. We offer vermicompost 50 kg price including shipping in our local area.

Vermicompost How to Use

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