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Vermicompost 5kg Pack

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Vermicompost manufacturer in Kolkata

How to order Vermicompost?
Chinpack is the Vermicompost manufacturer in Kolkata, office location Chinsurah, Hooghly Pin 712101. HelloChinsurah team collects the Vermicompost from Chinpack and serves the customers. We collect orders Online and over the phone (9831815857 / 9804716671) also. Our delivery aria from Uttarpara. The product pricing is variable and depends on product quantity.

How to make vermicompost?
We make compost with 60 percent dung and 40 percent green rot. Which is 30 days old. That is why there is no gas or smell in the dung. We make Organic manure by feeding that dung and green rotten mixture with earthworms. Earthworms will never eat any food mixed with chemicals or it is not possible to save earthworms by eating that food. ​

How HelloChinsurah help garden lovers?
We have a team with a few retarded professors. If one asks a question related to gardening we forward it to our senior professors. Professors reply to the question and solutions also. Please visit our HelloChinsurah Facebook page, where we uploaded a few videos on how to use Vermicompost and its benefit. HelloChinsurah also helps farmers by providing training about Vermicompost and its benefit. 

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