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Vermicompost Meaning

What is Vermicompost Manufacturer? 

Vermicompost meaning, Vermicompost is the feces that earthworms excrete after eating the organic composting material. This is 100% organic fertilizer. This is also called Organic manure. Vermicompost is not a machine-made product, this product 100% depends on the Earthworms. 

Chinpack, the Vermicompost manufacturer in Kolkata, and related many organic products. We have a large Vermicomposting unit. This is an organic fertilizer, but the chemical composition of this product is too good to say. Last 7 to 9 years back, maximum farmers and garden lovers did not know about the Vermicompost. Not only that maximum people did not know the Vermicompost meaning. Few Agricultural educational institutes start to provide training for making Vermicompost.

The farmers in India use chemical fertilizer for an instant result. but this is very harmful to the soil. Due to the rapid use of Chemical fertilizer, the soil condition becomes too poor for the next farming. Nowadays farmers can understand the bad effect of Chemical fertilizer. They want to use Organic manure or vermicompost. But vermicompost is not a machine-made item, we can not produce this fertilizer in huge quantities. This depends on the weather condition and the availability of raw materials. Presently the raw material quality is variable due to feed or Cow.

Chinpack is the manufacturer of Vermicompost, and HelloChinsurah is the marketing partner. When a customer comes to us for purchasing the Vermicompost, we always give the ideas and share our knowledge on how to use this product and how Chinpack produces this item. Presently in the online market maximum Vermicompost sellers are selling the Black Vermicompost look product by saying the Vermicompost. If the customer does not have any experience, with Vermicompost they are buying it without asking any questions.


The Vermicompost means the Compost material left by Vermis. Why we should use vermicompost? Vermicompost how to use for our flowering plants, all these questions we are getting fro our regular customers. So we contact our University professor and make one note with a video. Please visit our Facebook Page " HelloChinsurah" and check the detail.

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