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How to make Vermicompost

How do I make vermicompost?

The vermicompost that we have brought is 100% organic fertilizer. We usually use cow dung manure on home garden trees. Cow dung manure is perfect for plants. But the food that a plant needs to get complete nutrition is not available in dry or weight cow dung manure. Vermicompost is the only fertilizer that can serve 100% nutrition to a plant. That is why vermicompost is used for garden plants. Our Vermicompost Color is Black. Our vermicompost contains 60% green rot and 40% cow dung, which is about 30 days old. We have more than one crore earthworms in our vermicompost unit. For which the color of vermicompost we make is black. W maintain 20% water contain with our product. When vermicompost is used, the flower blooms more than once. When used in the kitchen garden, the yield of vegetables is incomparable. We are in the Vermicompost manufacturing business last ten years. We already export our product in many countries. Vermicompost is the best alternative to any chemical fertilizer.

Is vermicompost a fertilizer?

Yes, Vermicompost is Organic Fertilizer it is also called the Organic Manure. A tree carries nineteen kinds of minerals from the soil as food. The main ones are nitrogen, phosphate, and potash. Which contains a balanced amount in vermicompost. That is why vermicompost is the best organic fertilizer of the plant.

chinpack worm composting fertilizer

This is an organic fertilizer or this is organic manure. It is an excellent quality organic fertilizer. Which is earthworm waste. It is an excellent quality organic fertilizer. Which is earthworm waste. Vermicompost is the waste material that earthworms leave after eating a mixture of rotten green leaves and cow dung.

Currently, there is a lot of demand for vermicompost. Vermicompost is what is called earthworm manure. The benefits of this fertilizer are now well understood by the farmers. Fifteen years ago, our agricultural scientists knew that the days to come were going to be very bad for farming. Farmers use chemical fertilizers to grow vegetables faster or to grow vegetables more than once on the same land. Excessive use of these chemical fertilizers has caused immense damage to the farmland.

The government is now taking various steps to explain the benefits of using vermicompost. Nowadays there is many vermicompost project in West Bengal. Earthworms are earth friends. The same chemical fertilizer is being used by the farmers to grow more crops or vegetables on the same land again and again. As a result, all the earthworms are dying. Due to that, the normal production of the land is also decreasing. As a result, it is no longer possible for farmers to produce a crop that would have required a very small amount of manure 15-20 years ago. This is because the normal fertility of the farmland is almost entirely due to the use of chemical fertilizers on the trees.

The government is now trying its best to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers by farmers. One of his methods is that the seller of chemical fertilizers will have earthworm fertilizer. If you buy a certain amount of chemical fertilizer, you have to buy a certain amount of earthworm fertilizer. This method is very useful. The farmers themselves are realizing the disadvantages of using chemical fertilizers.

Benefits of using vermicompost or what are the benefits of using earthworm manure?

One thing to know first is that those who have been using chemical fertilizers on their farmland for so long will suddenly lose much of their production if they use earthworm fertilizers for new crops or there may be more problems. For that reason, use equal amounts of earthworm manure and chemical fertilizers. For which you need to contact the nearest agricultural center.

What is the cost of vermicompost?

Vermicompost Chinpack retail Price Rs.15 per kg. The price depends on the order quantity. One vermicompost 50 kg price Rs510. So contact at for more detail. Vermicompost 50 kg price in Kolkata is the same Rs.510 excluding any transportation.

What nutrients are in vermicompost?

If the method of making vermicompost is correct then the color of vermicompost will be black. Original vermicompost has no odor. The amount of water in vermicompost is twenty percent.

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