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How to make vermicompost from kitchen waste

How to make vermicompost from kitchen waste

How to make vermicompost from kitchen waste?

The use of chemical fertilizers is very harmful. Now everyone is health-conscious. This is why everyone wants to cook organic vegetables. But that is not always possible. Organic Fertilizer is the first requirement for growing organic vegetables. Which is the only vermicompost. This organic manure is not equally available on the market everywhere. Again, it cannot be used anywhere because of the price. Let's not know how to make vermicompost from kitchen waste?

First, let's say we do and what is our job? We are a marketing organization. Our primary job is to do product marketing. We mainly do organic product marketing. Among them our first choice is vermicompost. Apart from that, we have some more fertilizers for the tree. This vermicompost manufacturer is CHINPACK. We are Amazon's onboarding partner.

Kitchen West is available in all our homes. With that, we can make vermicompost. Vermicompost is the stool that leaves after eating vermi. So we need to know what does vermi eat? Vermi have no teeth so they do not chew any food. We have to decompose their food and make it with water in such a way that vermi can eat it very easily. Another major ingredient in vermicompost is cow dung. Without which vermicompost can never be done.

The step-by-step procedure is given here:

  1. A big fruit tray needs to be procured first.

  2. The cut part of the vegetable or kitchen waste should be kept in an open place for more than fifteen days.

  3. Cow dung should be collected at least thirty days old. So that there is no smell of dung in it. Cow dung can also be kept in the open at home. Care should be taken so that it does not dry out.

  4. Gather straw or grass that is not too old.

  5. This time put grass in the fruit tray first. Spread that down. Then give wet cow dung for thirty days. Put kitchen oysters on it. First, soak it in water and leave it for ten days. Then put it on the vermi.

  6. Leave the tray in a shady place. Regularly notice the amount of water inside it.

  7. From one month to one month and fifteen days, you will see that vermicompost has been made on the top of the tray.

For making Vermicompost using kitchen waste there are some important things to keep in mind when making vermicompost. Everything we use at Kitchen Waste will never be organic. So the earthworms have to let it rot. If it is not possible to decompose the whole, then kitchen waste should be spread on the dung. So that no smell from it is the cause of death of earthworms.

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