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What is Vermicompost?

Vermicompost is a true organic fertilizer. Although this soap contains chemical components. It is called organic fertilizer as it is made from organic material. This is an organic fertilizer or this is organic manure. It is an excellent quality organic fertilizer. Which is earthworm waste. It is an excellent quality organic fertilizer. Which is earthworm waste. Vermicompost is the waste material that earthworms leave after eating a mixture of rotten green leaves and cow dung.

The vermicompost that we have brought is 100% organic fertilizer. We usually use cow dung manure on home garden trees. Cow dung manure is perfect for plants. But the food that a plant needs to get complete nutrition is not available in dry or weight cow dung manure. Vermicompost is the only fertilizer that can serve 100% nutrition to a plant. That is why vermicompost is used for garden plants. Our Vermicompost Color is Black. Our vermicompost contains 60% green rot and 40% cow dung, which is about 30 days old. We have more than one crore earthworms in our vermicompost unit. For which the color of the vermicompost we make is black. W maintain 20% water contained in our product. When vermicompost is used, the flower blooms more than once. When used in the kitchen garden, the yield of vegetables is incomparable. We are in the Vermicompost manufacturing business last ten years. We already export our product to many countries. Vermicompost is the best alternative to any chemical fertilizer.

Chinpack is the Organic Manure or Vermicompost manufacturer and trader. We have more than three crores of best quality Vermi. Those are perfect to produce the best quality Vermicompost. We supply our product all over India. Learn more about our company

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