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Worm composting

Chinpack is the manufacturer and supplier of the Vermicompost. Our office location is Chinsurah, Hooghly, Pin 712101. We are a 100% organic Vermicompost manufacturer. Chinpack offers the best quality Organic manure or Vermicompost at the best price.

In the last 10 years back this product was very rare in the market. Most farmers and garden lovers like to use Chemical fertilizers for instant results. Bust they do not have the idea of the Vermicompost. A few Agricultural universities start providing training.

How to use Vermicompost, and the advantage of the Vermicompost.

For the instant result in crops, the farmers use chemical fertilizer. This is happening in the last few years. Due to the use of chemicals the natural fertility of the soil has been lost. So now the Government makes it mandatory for using Vermicompost along with Chemical fertilizer.

Apart from Chemical fertilizer Vermicompost is the only solution. Presently for using Chemical fertilizers maximum flower plants lovers are not so satisfied with tree quality and the look and fill with Indoor plants. All of my customers are using vermicompost for plants, they are all satisfied. The effect of Vermicompost can check after 15 to 25 days from the day of use product in plants.

The marketing partner of Vermicompost is HelloChinsurah. HelloChinsurah delivers the product From Chinsurah to Uttarpara and Panduah also. The product price is Rs.15 per Kg excluding the delivery charge. HelloChinsurah offers free delivery at Chandannagar, Chinsurah, Hooghly, and Bandel also. The customers out of these areas please contact over phone 9804716671 or WhatsApp for more detail.

What is the benefit of using Vermicompost?

Helps the tree to bloom. With the use of chemical fertilizers, the tree changes very fast, and at the same time, the tree deteriorates and accelerates after flowering. When vermicompost is used, the flowers of the tree remain fresh in the same way for a long time and the same tree blooms more than once.

How to place an order for Vermicompost?

Call or WhatsApp 9831815857, Send your detailed address with the required quantity.

If anyone searches the Vermicompost manufacturer in Kolkata, you also check one company named HelloChinsurah. They are our marketing partners. They deliver the items to different areas of Kolkata. Please contact over phone 9804716671 for more detail.


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